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Policies and FAQs

Policies and FAQs

I read that you are going out of business. Is this true?

Unfortunately, yes. COVID has caused disruptions at every stage of the supply chain. Fabric manufacturers went out of business or cut back on their inventory. Production was halted for weeks. Customs has been a nightmare. Shipping times are longer and less reliable. I had to close my distribution facility to cut costs. Football season, my bread and butter, got pushed back, killing my usual late summer rush. And the economy isn't helping either. I'm at 1/3 of last year's sales. It just isn't enough to pay for inventory purchases and support my family, even after all the cuts I've made.

When will you close? 

I intend to keep the store open through Black Friday - Cyber Monday, assuming I have inventory to sell. I won't actively be promoting the business anymore, save perhaps an email a week. I am ceasing all advertising to cut cost.



Can I get a discount on an item I paid full price for before the going out of business sale?

Absolutely. Simply email me requesting a refund for the difference. mercer@spiritdress.com 


What bout my pending order?

All October pre-orders will still be delivered, and none of that merchandise is going on clearance. That shipment is expected by the end of the month and should deliver on time. Please be patient with me if customs is not playing nice.


Will you still be processing returns and exchanges? 

All items are final sale at this point, but I will work with you on exchanges. If we



For all inquiries, please contact me, Mercer, directly at mercer@spiritdress.com


Privacy Policy

Spirit Dress will never sell, share, or give away your personal information, including your email address. Period. 


Return and Exchange Policy

You can see the complete return and exchange policy here: https://spiritdress.com/pages/returns 


A few notes about shipping

I actually love the U.S. Postal Service. In my experience they are the best service for getting packages delivered on time and at a fair price. That said, sometimes things go wrong. Once a package is in the hands of the USPS, however, I can no longer be held responsible for it. If possible, I will do all I can to make things right. But there are times when I can. No one is more frustrated by this than me.


I hope you understand that I cannot accept responsibility for packages that appear, through tracking, to have been delivered but are presumably stolen from mailboxes or doorsteps.


Please make sure the address you enter with your order is correct. I cannot replace merchandise that was shipped to the wrong address if the address provided is no longer your address.


DOMESTIC SHIPPING: You can expect an order to arrive 3-5 days after you place it. A priority order has a processing and shipping time of 2-3 days. Please note that holidays may slow down shipping times. I rarely take a proper holiday, but the post office does.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I do not ship internationally at this time.


What if my package is lost or stolen?

I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please check with your local USPS if you believe your package has been lost or stolen. Packages that are lost by USPS will be replaced after 30 days of non-movement for domestic orders. Please note that refunds are not issued on lost packages. Always contact me directly with any issue.


Wholesale Opportunities and Custom Items

I am still accept wholesale orders with customized colors and logos. Please contact me at mercer@spiritdress.com for more information. Minimums do apply.


Sizing details

Within each item description, I offer sizing recommendations. While I do accept exchanges, I urge each customer to read the recommendations prior to ordering to alleviate the need of sending an item back.


Care instructions

I highly recommend that you hand wash your blouse or dress in cold water. They are machine washable, but hand washing is preferred. Never, under any circumstances, put your Spirit blouse or dress in the dryer. You will be sad. And I cannot fix it. While you can iron your blouse, I think this is unnecessary. Downy Wrinkle Releaser and a few shake does the trick. The 100% cotton weave responds well to steam, also.


My item arrived damaged.

No! I hate this. Let’s fix it. Email me at mercer@spiritdress.com


Gift wrapping and packaging

Not at this time.


The item I want is out-of-stock, when will it be available?

Everything you see on the site is what I have to sell. There are no other incoming shipments at this time.